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Nowadays, online encounters are definitely a possibility to consider. We live in a global society where I cannot reach everybody... or can I? 

The internet has made things so much easier. An online date might be the best option for you if you want to live a unique, personalised, intimate experience with me.

Depending on what you may be interested in, you can opt for one of the options I can offer.

If we live very far, if you are shy or if you are planning on traveling anywhere near me and you'd like to have a first date with me before your trip... In any case, a video call might always be a good option to bear in mind. 

It could also be a new way of experimenting your sexuality. Tell me a bit about what you would like to experiment and let's discover together how far we can get.

I prepare for an online date with the same care as for a face-to-face encounter. You will have my full attention, just as if you were right next to me.

I always use Skype from a computer in order to guarantee a better image quality. 

Video calls will always be paid in advance when booking the date, with a minimum of 24 hours.


30 minutes

You and I, alone, united by the urge to satisfy each other and get lost in a wave of pleasure. Fall into temptation and enjoy every second.

60 minutes

How much do you like to seduce and being seduced? I can offer you an extremely sensual and erotic experience where we'll get to know each other intimately and we'll make the most of an unforgettable hour.

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