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About me

My name is Giovanna Moon and I love exploring my sexuality as much as possible in order to live it fully.

I'm a very sexual person and over time I have learnt to get to know and to enjoy that part of myself in a healthy way.

I have always felt an innate attraction and curiosity towards the world of sexuality. I will use this space to express myself and share my interests with you from a respectful and empathetic perspective.

I have many years of experience exploring and working in the world of sexuality. Both, in my personal and my professional life, I have lived experiences that have led me to discover new things about myself and the whole concept of sexuality. Thanks to this I have managed to empathise with other people as well as understand their needs and tastes.

One of the ways I work the concept of sexuality is by using my image as an artist and performer to create and express myself in front of the world. I do this in a variety of ways: through photography, on video or on a stage. I also work as a companion, either online or in person.



Giovanna opened up the world of sexuality for me in a surprising new way. I learned a lot about myself and my desires through sexuality and what it introduced me to; things she couldn't even have imagined doing or feeling, that left me literally shaking with electric intensity. Her insight, dedication and careful preparation mean that if you want to explore your sexuality, Giovanna is the perfect woman for you.
That being said, time with her is much more than just sexuality. Giovanna is not just a stunningly beautiful woman, she is a kind, intelligent, warm-hearted soul who will replenish and revitalize you, leaving you wondering how you can feel so good and fulfilled sexually and emotionally, even on a level you might not have thought. . Whatever expectations you may have before meeting her, Giovanna will exceed them.



A picture is worth a thousand words so let me seduce you by showing you a few of them...


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