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Living sexuality the way I want to makes me feel amazing, it's my passion.

Sexuality is part of every day of my life.

I am a hedonistic person by nature. I love, I feel, I enjoy, but always in a sensible and responsable way.

My love for nature also defines me as a person. I'm just like nature itself: free, sensual, wild, mystical. 

I love discovering and trying out new types of food. However, I also enjoy things that I have already tried such as Japanese, Thai, Mexican and Peruvian food...

I am pansexual. What I find appealing in a person is the connection I can establish with them, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation or the way they look. 

I have an extremely inquisitive mind. I love learning and finding new experiences that make me grow as a person. 

My motivation, what moves me, is to give my best and to be a better version of myself every day. 

My academic background has always been focused on the performing arts and self-knowledge.

 I express myself with my body through photography and video. I love performing, singing, posing as a nude model, sensuality and eroticism. I'm also passionate about dancing, I love how it makes me feel and the beauty that surrounds it. Somehow, I feel art makes me immortal in a way.

I love pampering myself and taking care of myself.  I often train and exercise my body to make sure I am the best version of myself I can be. Fashion and lingerie are a must in my life. Feeling sexy and wanted makes me feel wonderful. 

Throughout the years I've come to realise that living your sexuality in a healthy way is extremely important for your personal development, as it's always going to be part of us, from the beginning to the end.

We come into this world to live and to experience and to experiment. We are in charge of our own freedom. For this, it's very important to listen to ourselves and to not be judgemental. This is the way we can be really true to ourselves.

-HEIGHT 1,55 m.

-MEASUREMENTS: 85 - 60 - 85

-SHOE SIZE: 35/36

-SIZE: Xs/ S

-EYES: Brown

-HAIR: Blonde



-LANGUAGES: Spanish, English

-BOOK: Les Liaisons dangereuses by Pierre  Choderlos de Laclos

-MOVIE: American Beauty de Sam Mendes

-MUSIC: Diana Krall, Michael Buble y el jazz en general

-FOOD: Japanese and thai

FAVOURITE PLACES: Amsterdam, Bali or Puerto Vallar

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