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If you have read this far is because the idea of meeting me in person has crossed your mind. Let me tell you a bit more about myself and how a encounter between the two of us could come true.


I love having face-to-face dates as it gives me the opportunity to directly connect with the person in a more deep and intimate way. The dates I like are not rushed; I want to know about them and prepare for them in advance. For this reason, our date must always be scheduled so that I have at least 24 hours to prepare properly and carefully. This way, when we finally get together everything will be even better than expected.

Most of the time I am based in Madrid (Spain). However, that doesn't mean I can't travel to meet you wherever you are in the world.  Would you like to meet in Madrid? No problem. I'm afraid I don't have a place where we can meet, however, I'd love to go to your house or a hotel and once there we can enjoy our evening in whatever way we want. Depending on the duration of our date we can find different ways of enjoying ourselves.

I love travelling around the world. I've been doing it for years, exploring and enjoying each and everyone of my destinations. Nowadays, I am still passionate about visiting new places or even heading back to some of the ones I've already been to, maybe I could go with you this time?


In any case, I want you to feel free with me. I'd like you to tell me more about yourself, about what you want from our encounter, how much time you want us to spend together... The more information you can give me the better I'll be able to connect with you from the beginning.


I like to make my body look good and to wear appropriate clothes for each situation. However, if you have any suggestions I'll be happy to consider them. I also can't deny my love for lingerie. It's kind of like a fetish for me. I love decorating my body with elegant and sexy lingerie that makes our imaginations go wild.


I want to satisfy my intellectual and physical needs while discovering more things about you and the world that surrounds us. Passion, politeness and desire to grow are things I admire and find extremely sexy in a companion. I want my companion to know what he wants, I want him to chase it and grab it and not let it go. Nothing arouses me more than a bright and mature mind that fills my own mind with knowledge and a high quality conversation. 


With me, you'll find a completely different world, where, as long as we want it, sensuality and eroticism will have a leading role. 

Intimacy will be completely taboo-free. 

I'll only have eyes for you

and all your fantasies and desires will come true. 


Come with me and enjoy each experience to the fullest.



I'm an expert in fulfilling fantasies. It's something I love. If you tell me what's on your mind, with your help, I'll do my best to make it true.

I'm the perfect companion to go with you to any event or activity, either for fun, work or pleasure. I meet all the requirements. I know how to live up to any situation and I know exactly how to behave, which makes me the perfect choice.

I love accompanying couples and enjoying their mutual love.


1 hour

A brief encounter

€ 300

1 hour and a half

Short, sweet and satisfying

€ 400

2 hours

Intense lust

€ 500

3 hours

An extremely pleasurable meal

€ 700

4 hours

We have time to explore

€ 900

5 hours

An unforgettable evening

€ 1,000

12 hours

For more time together and something more

€ 1,500

15 hours

An exciting adventure

€ 2,000

24 hours

A whole day together

€ 3,000

48 hours

The weekend of our dreams

€ 4,000

+ 1 extra day

Because you still deserve more

€ 700

Services for couples / Specials

Consult me


  • All dates of up to 2 hours must be booked at least 1 day in advance.

  • All dates of more than 3 hours must be booked at least 2 days in advance.

  • Dates of 3 hours or more must include social activities.

  • Dates of 12 hours or more must include a minimum resting time

  • For any date with me, it´s necessary to pay in advance a part of the total remuneration of the date as a reservation that I will specify privately and will depend on the duration of the dates (+info)

  • For trips in Spain, dates must be at least 12 hours. For international trips, dates must be at least 24 hours. Travel expenses are not included in my rates and will be at your expense. Trips must be booked a minimum of one week in advance.

My rates are non-negotiable and I kindly ask you to respect this. If you try to haggle it will only lead to an uncomfortable situation. I spend a long time taking care of myself, getting ready for our date and making sure I'm at my best. I'm 100% involved in making this an amazing experience for us. I focus on quality over quantity.


Pamper me

Even though gifts are never expected, they are greatly appreciated. If you are a considerate person who wants to make me blush, don't hesitate taking a look at my wish list to get an idea of my personal tastes.


Amazon wish list

Sellado con amor
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