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Experimenting with my sexuality

Once of my objectives in life is to delve into my sexuality and experiment as much as possible.

It's my lifestyle. It makes me vibrate and connect with my essence.

Experimenting with my sexuality means loving myself and loving life.

I get in a state of pleasure that makes me feel amazing. I feel desired and beautiful.

It requires trust and commitment and to make sure I know there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing.

Even though sexuality is part of my daily life, it requires perseverance, effort, motivation... It's not just about experimenting. I need to give it my best.

For me, pleasure and effort are one and the same. They complement each other.

It's not just about being open to new opportunities to explore and experiment. You need to be proactive and try to find those opportunities and create them yourself.

Experimenting with my sexuality also helps me go from "desire" to "action". They are two completely different things. It helps me to transmute my emotions and face my fears. When I overcome one of my fears or beliefs, I feel relaxed. A space opens up for me to experience new things or to relive something from my past.

It has also helped me change the way I see things and understand that we should never judge others, as we all have different experiences.

Experimenting is a never ending deep path of experiences. It's about making the most out of every second and use all five senses to achieve and keep a pleasurable life.

Pleasure is a wide term and the ways I get to experiment it also evolve with time.

I have so many ways of experimenting with my sexuality...

Being naked, in lingerie or wearing different clothes, sexualizing myself, using toys on myself, looking at myself, smelling myself, tasting my own skin, feeling my arousal, dancing, recording myself, posing, listening to music, using a mirror, spreading lotion all over my body, being aware of everything I touch, looking at pictures, being cold, being hot, with food, when other people look at me, when they see me naked, when they touch me, and so many more things... I can enjoy this and more in many different situations, whether I'm with someone or on my own.

The more I experiment, the more I connect with my essence and the more I need and want to do it.

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