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I'm very grateful for the past few days as I have been able to reflect and connect with myself. Everything seems much more palpable. I am able to perceive and feel the energies around me. That's why I have had quite intimist days lately.

These days I have taken the chance to reflect on my life and the experiences I have lived so far. There are good ones and not so good ones, of course. However, each and every one of them have allowed me to be here, where I am now. They have helped me move on and thanks to them I have been able to let go of those things that I don't want around me anymore.

Nature and sexuality are very important to me and together they represent the path I have decided to walk and my way of life. They make me vibrate and connect with myself.

I'm grateful to everyone who has helped me to get to know myself more deeply. Each and every one of those people has shown me something about myself. Some of them are no longer in my life and some are. All of them have been equally important for me, though. Above all, I'm grateful to that person who showed me this way of life. A life that has become so important to me.

Sharing my sexuality is part of my way of life.

I'm grateful to myself for being able to value what I do and I'm grateful to those who value and respect me as a person; they can recognise that I am much more than a label and they contribute to letting me continue my way of life.

For all that, thank you.


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