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How do I get ready for a date

Whenever I have a date, my day revolves around it. Whether it's at first time in the morning, half way through the day or at night, that whole day (and sometimes even the previous days) is completely devoted to it. That's why I only accept one date per day, regardless of how long the date is.

I've always believed that putting care and affection into whatever I do will make it have that same kind of energy. I apply this same principle whenever I prepare for a date. I want to transmit that energy when we are together.

I am predisposed and receptive to the needs the other person might have so that he can enjoy our date as much as possible.

From the moment it's booked it becomes part of my life. It's completely linked to it, particularly on the actual day. I start my day by thinking about it and that thought never leaves my mind. It's with me while I go about my day, as well as while I prepare for our encounter.

Preparing for a date can take a whole morning or afternoon or even a whole day. I don't like rushing. I like to feel and enjoy the whole process. It's not just putting on some make-up or choosing an outfit or putting things in my purse to take with me. For me, the time I spend connecting with myself is also very important. I play some music according to my mood and I let myself go along with it. I want to take care of the other person even before I'm with him. I like taking care of every little detail.

You might think that everything "stops" when the time comes to have our date, but that's not the case. I keep up the energy and I make sure we are both feeling and enjoying everything that is happening in that moment. Even when the date is over, I still feel surrounded by it and I let myself enjoy what I've created.

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