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Updated: Jan 13, 2022

I like to give the best of myself in everything I do. I enjoy doing things right, giving them the dedication and attention they deserve. I'm like this in all aspects of my life, including my work.

For this reason, I've chosen e-mail as my preferred method for people to contact me. Let me tell you why:

When I started offering face-to-face encounters as a companion, people could call my number to get information or to organise a date. I received phone calls all day (and all night!) even if I asked them to call during specific hours. I was completely ignored. How nice to have so many people interested in me! right? Far from the truth. The vast majority of those calls sought to quench their curiosity asking what kind of things I was willing to do, what my limits were and what I asked for in exchange... Very few of those callers were actually interested in having a real encounter. I ended up memorising a text with all the information they needed that I would just repeat automatically. I didn't really like this... It didn't fit the service I offered and how I wanted to treat them.

Taking those calls wore me down. I had to invest so much time and attention and I wasn't willing to keep doing it any longer. It wasn't just answering the call, I also had to be available and ready to answer it. It ended up limiting other aspects of my life.

That's why I decided to switch to e-mail as my preferred contact method. For me, it has turned out to be a much better fit, a more intimate way of connecting with someone for the first time.

I read carefully and thoroughly each proposal and each request. I answer all the respectful messages I receive. I spend as much time as its needed to answer each message with care, individually, clearly and in an unprejudiced way.

Rather than being merely informative, e-mail steers away from this notion and becomes the beginning of the experience.

I focus on those who are really interested and spend some time telling me what they want to experience with me.

I like to give what I get.

If for whatever reason, what you are looking for is beyond what I can give you, I will tell you at once, so that you can keep looking for ways to fulfill that experience.

Because your time, just as mine, is valuable.

If what you want is to arrange a meeting with me, I have created a form to make our first contact easier. In it, I ask for information that I consider important in order for our date to take place.

In short, each person has their own method of contact and this is mine. It is not better or worse than others, it's simply the one I have chosen.

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