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Memories about a hotel room

You were there, but I wasn't expecting you. You stood in front of me, staring, while I got out of the shower, naked. I could see the desire in your eyes. You didn't say a word, you just led me to the door, you opened it and left it ajar. You knew how horny I was. You started to caress my naked body…

I was so wet... I had no control over my body. I was willing to loosen up to satisfy all my desires and needs. You kept pushing me to the limits, making me hornier than ever, driving me crazy. You turned me around, pinned me against the wall and you touched me down there. You felt how wet I was. Your fingers felt amazing. Every time you slid them in and out I could feel waves of pleasure throughout my body.

Sweet torture. I wanted more. You were firmly grabbing my ass as you pressed your throbbing cock against my body. I sneaked away, went on my knees and I rubbed your cock on my face. It smelled SO good... You didn't let me suck your dick... You were torturing me... I was so wet. You slapped me with your cock as I licked it over and over again.

I decided it was my turn to be in charge. I swallowed it all up. If felt as if you were not just inside my mouth but also my vagina. You lifted me up and opened the door a bit more.

Somebody could see us now. I told you to sit down and I straddled you. I started rocking back and forth. You grabbed my hair, kissed my breasts... You licked them so eagerly it hurt but it felt so amazing. The pleasure I was feeling was so worth it. I kept moving, thrusting faster and faster. I couldn't hold it any longer.

I came… I was still horny, though. I wanted more. I got on my feet and leaned against the wall. "What are you going to do now?" I asked. Without saying a word you slid inside me. I could feel you get even harder. You were about to come and I told you that I wanted you to cum all over me. You were so turned on that when you pulled out, you painted the door. I licked every drop... and I fell exhausted after so much pleasure.

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