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Memories of an unforgettable day

I remember the first time we met.

You told me you'd pick me up from the airport. I was looking forward to meeting you. I was wondering how you'd be, what you'd taste like, what I'd feel with you... My imagination ran wild and I imagined all kinds of details.

Seeing you awakened something in me. You were just how I had imagined and I liked that. I couldn't wait to be alone with you.

During the car trip I was nervous, but I enjoyed listening to you, how you looked at me... I don't know if you realised how you were making me feel. From the very beginning, I wanted you to kiss me, to hug me... but I was embarrassed to ask you or that it would make you feel uncomfortable. We wouldn't have to wait long to be alone in our hotel.

I was eager for a kiss and it was getting more and more complicated to hide it. I wanted you to throw yourself at me and that's what happened as soon as we got to the door of our room. You started to kiss me. You told me that you wanted to do it since we met at the airport but you didn't want to make me feel uncomfortable. Damn fears!

We entered the room and you didn't let me go for a second. You couldn't stop kissing me. You wanted to undress me, but I wouldn't let you. I wanted you to want me more. Every time you tried to take off my clothes I would move your hands somewhere else.

I enjoyed your hands under my shirt, caressing my breasts. But it wasn't enough for you, you wanted to see me completely naked. You liked how I made you feel. I was driving you crazy. I was right there in front of you and you couldn't see me naked. Until I couldn't wait any longer. I was dying to do it, too.

We were on the sofa, I was on top of you. I took off my shirt, my breasts in front of you. You looked at them for a moment and kissed me again. Your lips tasted my nipples, your face massaged my breasts. I was so wet, I wanted to take off my pants. My legs were shaking, but I stood up and took them off. You pulled down my panties and your tongue ran down my body until it reached my vagina. My erect, flushed and throbbing clitoris was waiting for your mouth. You liked seeing me wanting more. You took off your clothes and lay on me again.

You knew what I wanted. As soon as I saw your cock my eyes were shining. I started moaning and trying to reach for it. I wanted to taste it.

You made me wait. Before, you drank from me, using your fingers, then a vibrator, stimulating every part of me. Your lips on my vagina, your fingers in my holes, pressing and tightening on me the more I moaned... you couldn't stop pleasuring me... keeping me active with every moan. I begged you to let me play with your cock; I didn't want to cum if you were not inside me, but you kept me horny a little bit longer. Screaming and writhing with pleasure. My climax came while your mouth was on my breasts, as you made me surrender to an orgasm.

That orgasm that you gave me and I still remember.

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