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My day to day

Many of you ask me about my daily routine. To be honest, it really depends on the day.

Some days I start at 6am, if I have any work commitments. Some other days, if I've worked at night, my day doesn't start as early. Usually, I wake up at 8.

As soon as I wake up, I like to start the day with music. I say good morning to myself by slowly undressing in front of the mirror until I wear nothing but my headphones. I like that feeling of sexual desire in the morning. Even though I might be tired, I always try to connect with my sexuality. I know that helps my body relax and I'll have a better start of the day.

Once I've connected with myself, it's time for breakfast. Of all the meals in the day, breakfast is, without a doubt, my favourite and the most important one for me. I usually have a coffee with oat milk and some whole wheat pancakes or whole wheat toast with avocado, eggs or Burgos cheese and jam.

Then, I take my time to get ready, take care of my skin, comb my hair, choose my outfit and finally get dressed.

As many of you know, I have two wonderful furry babies. Cata, my doggy daughter and Simba, my catty son.

They need some of my time and attention too. Both need care and love. Each in their own unique way. After getting ready, Cata and I go on our first walk of the day.

When I come back home, I spend the rest of the morning working on the computer: I reply to emails about job offers, organise my timetable, I find ideas and dates to create content and I work on my social media. I combine all this with my balletfit, yoga, English and singing classes. I also have work commitments that take a big part of my time. Preparing for those is as important as the work itself. They may take place in the mornings, the afternoons or nights When they are in the morning, I try to adapt my routine in order to do everything.

Whatever I do, I make sure to give it my all. I don't spend time just working, I also spend time learning, connecting with my sexuality and doing things I care about.

Even if I have a very busy day, I always try to find a moment to rest and to connect with my sexuality once again. I find it very important because it's what helps me be the best version of myself I can be.


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