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My motivations

I've always been a very sexual person, however, that's not the only reason I started doing this over ten years ago. There are several other factors that led me to this path.

I have always wanted to know my essence, who I really was and what I was able to do in the field of sexuality. I have always wanted to learn about it as much as possible and grow as a professional. Nowadays, despite having experimented and explored thoroughly, I still feel the same motivation to learn and improve myself.

Having said this, life gave me one extra challenge to encourage me to do my best:

I was born with a degenerative disease which cannot be cured. This disease causes constant pain throughout my body, particularly in the joints. I wanted my disease to go away. But I had to accept that it was never going to do so. I had to learn how to deal with the pain in a different way, by being able to transform it into pleasure. Thanks to sex and sexuality I managed to do it. Luckily I was and I am a very sexual person. So it became my challenge.

All this gave me the strength I needed to move forward, to accept and love myself just as I am. Yes, my illness is also part of who I am. Even though it has led to a lot of physical and emotional pain, it has also led to a greater physical and emotional sensitivity. If you think about it, an illness can show you something important about yourself. In my case, I learnt that I'm a sensitive person, empathetic, open to pleasure (although I'm picky) and that no matter how hard things get, I don't give up.

Ever since I started exploring my sexuality, I understood that my personal and my professional life go hand in hand. Thus, I realised I could enjoy both and I started to accept myself and what I like.


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