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My tastes and preferences

Music is a big part of my life. I love listening to music. It's something I do all the time; while I write, while I'm creating content, in order to get inspired... It helps me connect with myself. I don't have a favourite artist. I like a bit of everything. I particularly love listening to songs. When I like a song, it gets stuck in my head. I can't stop listening to it.

I also enjoy reading, but I choose books that connect with me. Nowadays, most of the books I read are about prehistory, history, mythology, astrology, sexuality, eroticism, numerology, animal and human psychology... I'm an inquisitive person and I always want to learn more.

I'm also very keen on letting my imagination run wild, which is why I love reading fiction and manga. Shonen, shojo and seinen are some of my favourites. Some stories are just amazing.

Of course, I LOVE watching films and TV shows, including adult movies. I like every type of genre except for horror. Also I don't really care where the content I watch is originally from. Lots of things I watch come from Asia, Europe, America, Latin America... I like Bollywood, too.

I'm always very keen on learning languages: improving my English, learning French, Italian, Portuguese... One day I'll give Japanese a go!

I also like taking care of myself and my look. I like combining clothes that highlight my personality and make me look good.

I don't go shopping when I don't need to, though and I don't like following any particular trends.

When I do buy something, regardless of the item or the price, I make sure they are cruelty-free clothes. I try to be as responsible and respectful as I can with the environment in every aspect of my life.

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