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Shall I help you live the experience you've been looking for?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Why should you feel bad for looking for what you need? Who wouldn't like having someone who can help them make their fantasies true? I can be that person.

We have so many desires and needs... discovering them helps us get to know ourselves and enjoy our sexuality freely. That's why, if you are reading this, I congratulate you, because you are looking for a person who can help you live the most intimate and sexual experience of your dreams.

At first sight you might think that anyone can help you have the sexual experience you want, but it's not really that simple. That's why finding someone with plenty of experience in the field can really make a big difference. In my case, in order to help someone live the experience they want to live, I bear in mind some very important factors: listening carefully, the level of involvement and making sure the other person doesn't feel judged at all. There are many delicate, vulnerable and intimate areas, in all aspects, that come into play for both of us, you as well as me. I manage to explore this by getting more experience and working on my own sexuality on a personal level.

That's why I need you to open up to me and tell me what you want us to experience together. Be communicative and consider all the different aspects. Details are very important. I know you might have expectations, doubts, questions, prejudices... You might even feel ashamed and think: "what is she going to think of me?" All those thoughts are just fears and I hope you don't get discouraged by them because there is nothing to be ashamed of and there's no reason at all to feel bad. I know it's not easy to tell someone what you want or what you need to experiment. In me, you will find a partner, someone who will help you and support you, someone who will not judge you and someone sincere you can trust.

Over time, regardless of the reason, the more experiences we live together, the more we'll know each other and not just that, the more we'll know ourselves. Every experience is different and unique. It's never the same.

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