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Updated: Jan 13, 2022

My job doesn't begin and end with our date. It's not just about offering companionship or a sexual experience, either. It is not defined by a sexual act and whatever I do or don't do. I don't treat people any differently by the way they look or their economic status. And I'm not willing to do something I'm not comfortable with, for money. I don´t sell or rent my body. Sex is what I do for a living and thus, earning money is important. However, I do this because it makes me vibrate... Whenever anyone does something they love, they get involved.

My involvement starts long before our encounter; long before anybody can even contact me. For me, getting involved comes from within, it's part of my personal touch.

I take care of all aspects of my personal image because I like it. It doesn't mean it's easy for me, though. I am constant and dedicated, and I invest a lot of time and money to be the best version of myself. Taking care of my physical aspect is important, too. Not just to look good, but also to be strong and be able to experiment the different experiences I offer in the best possible way.

I also invest in my personal and cultural development by trying to learn as much as I can. I like learning and having interesting conversations about a variety of things.

My implication goes even further. Being a good professional in this field means having the right skills and knowledge to adapt to any situations that may arise while living an experience together.

Experimenting with my sexuality every day allows me to learn more and discover new tools which I can then use in order to offer a variety of experiences. I delve and look into new practises and situations that I want to live for myself, as well as other experiences that might be more focused on my work.

If you are fully aware of what you are experiencing, there's a lot more to learn. In my case, I learn to manage the emotions that I or the other person might feel during the experience. I empathise and understand and never judge what we might be feeling.

I don't try to deceive anybody. I want to be true to myself, which is why I offer what comes from within. Even if it's my job, for me, it's not just a way to make money. It gives me the opportunity to connect with other people, enjoy the pleasure it brings me and enrich my life with more experiences.

This is why if what I can offer makes you vibrate, I would love to meet you.


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