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Working my nakedness

I started getting naked on full moon nights. I always did it outdoors, surrounded by nature, no matter whether it was hot or cold. I was never alone, someone was always there with me. Each of those nights I undressed under the moonlight, I told the moon how I felt and I thanked it for what I had learned during the last moon cycle. Some things had been good, others bad, but all of them helped me evolve.

Getting naked was a way for me to show my respect and working with nature in a more pure and natural way. As time went by, I was less bothered by the changes in temperature, the noises around me and I started to focus more and more in what was happening inside of me. I did it because I wanted to, nobody forced me to do it, but it was not easy. I would get invasive thoughts, questions, doubts, resistances... For example, if it was a particularly cold night I would consider skipping that session, but I ended up doing it because deep inside I knew it would make me feel good. It was about connecting with myself.

When I finished, I would get dressed slowly, without any hurry or worry in my mind, taking in what I had just lived and allowing my body to accommodate to the temperature.

I did it for many years. Then, I started doing it more often, during the day or at night, regardless of the phase of the moon. I used to do it in nature, in my house and other places I felt connected to.

Time after time, I felt more connected to my nakedness and if I was out, it became very easy to connect with nature, feeling like I was a part of it. It got to a point in which I didn't need to be naked to stablish this connection. I still prefered to do it naked, though. Although, I saw progress, I would still get insecurities and fears about how my nakedness was seen by the "outside world".

Working my nakedness means accepting myself, learning that my body belongs only to me. It's something natural. I'm not doing anything wrong by being naked and it doesn't hurt anybody. If someone is offended by my nakedness, that person needs to figure how why they feel that way and why are they hurt about something that shouldn't affect them at all. Nakedness doesn't hurt, it doesn't attack and it doesn't harm anything but any prejudice people might have. It cannot be taken as an invitation either.

Working my nakedness is a process that I'm still working on, little by little. It might seem quite simple, but it means being aware of everything that is inside you, the burdens you carry and the things you don't need. It's about freeing yourself from beliefs and emotions that might be hurting you and you didn't even know.

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