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My diet

I'm one of those people who enjoy eating. I take pleasure in it. I'm a picky person who cares more about quality than quantity. I never eat more than I need.

I try to find the right balance in my diet. I eat small amounts of food during the day and I drink as much water as I need. My diet is based on whole grains, pulses, vegetables, nuts, fruit and animal protein. When it comes to animal protein I eat beef, fish, eggs and sporadically some chicken and dairy.

I felt guilty for a long time because I actually wanted to become a vegan. Sadly, due to some of my physical characteristics, eating a plant-based diet wouldn't be enough for my body. It was hard for me to accept it.

I understood that the food chain is a natural pattern in which we all have a role to play. There's nothing wrong with eating animal protein as long as I'm respectful towards that living creature. Thanks to them, I can keep going.

Whenever I eat animal protein, I make sure it comes from free-range adult animals who have been taken care of. Of course, I do my best to also respect plant life when it comes to my plant-based diet. In any case, I only buy what I know I'm going to eat. There's way too many people in the world who need to feed and we all need nature to keep on living. That same respect I show for animals, I show for plants and fruits. Feeding on them doesn't mean they are at our service.

I'm fully aware of the fact that whenever I eat at a restaurant I can't really control where that food is coming from, but I still keep showing as much respect as I can.

I know how lucky I am and how much I owe to nature.

I value everything nature has to offer and I'm extremely grateful.

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