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Our nudity

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

There are many taboos about nudity and very little respect for it.

There are so many prejudices regarding the topic that witnessing a person who has decided to live their nakedness for pleasure or for making a living out of it, is deemed offensive by some people.

Why does society think that people who make this “unethical” decision, do it either because they have low self-esteem or because they want to attract attention?

What about the prejudice that claims that if you work with your nudity, it means you are “loose” or “easy”? Why? Isn’t it offensive to say such thing?

I cannot understand why there is still so much hatred against nudity nowadays.

It is curious, to say the least, that in a society so well connected and informed, there can still be found conflicts regarding people’s tastes, freedom of expression and body diversity.

Respecting other people’s bodies and tastes is something that we say we do, but in reality many people don’t actually do it and they still demand that right for themselves.

We are born naked, so pure and innocent. Our sex is not hidden because it’s not something immoral. Why then, when we reach certain age, nudity becomes something that needs to be hidden and that we need to be ashamed of?

This happens because nudity tends to be associated with sexual desire. We are repressed throughout our lives without realising the actual cause of the problem, repression itself. Sexual desire and sexual repression are two very different concepts.

Sexual desire is innate and natural. It is linked to sexual freedom and each individual’s decision-making power.

Sexual repression is caused by social prejudices that limit our beliefs and respect regarding our own body and other people’s. . In order to not feel responsible for that repression, people justify their actions by blaming the other person. It’s curious how atrocities such as murder and extreme violence are accepted by society and shown on TV and film, but when it comes to nudity or sexual scenes people don’t seem to be so open-minded. On the one hand, violence and destruction, on the other hand something natural that is part of us throughout our lives. When dealing with nudity, it is the person who sees it who might have a problem with it, rather than the person who shows their body. A naked body might lead to many different kinds of responses, as well as sexual desire. However, it does not mean that we should give in without the approval of the other person. Let’s learn to discard toxic prejudices and let’s rediscover our body. Nudity and its magic represent everything that we are. Discovering and learning about our body fills us with love, because it is not just a mere body that we see. It is our own signature and our own discovery of how we see and connect with ourselves.

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